The Keys to Monitoring Your Investments and Preventing Stock Broker Fraud

by Wall Street Fraud on July 29, 2011

Securities fraud attorneyEven if you work with a broker or investment advisor, you should still play an active in managing your investments. Closely monitoring your investments is one of the most effective ways to protect your money from unauthorized trading, unsuitable investments, misrepresentation, and a host of other problems.

Below are few of FINRA’s tips for keeping a close eye on your investments:


  • Get all confirmations and account statements sent directly to you. If you can't look after your own investments, get copies of these documents sent to someone you trust, such as a family member, lawyer or accountant so that there is always a pair of independent eyes looking after you.
  • Read and keep all documents that you receive from your broker, mutual fund or investment adviser. Check to make sure your confirmations and account statements are accurate
  • If you don't get account statements or confirmations, follow up. You have a right to this information. If you are not receiving these documents on a regular basis, that could be a sign of trouble.
  • Ask questions about any information you receive about your investments. If you don't understand something, ask questions. If investments that you did not authorize appear on your confirmations or account statements, contact your broker or adviser at once. Don't wait to see how the investments perform.
  • Even if you don't trade online, consider getting online access to your account. Online access to your account allows you to review your account whenever you want. You can verify information that you received from your broker or adviser or in your confirmations or account statements. You also may be able to request that your confirmations and account statements be sent to you via email.
  • Periodically review your portfolio. Make sure the securities in your account still meet your investment objectives. Also, make sure you understand and are comfortable with the risks, costs, and liquidity of your investments.

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